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0016148mantisbtrsspublic2018-03-24 02:29
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PlatformLinuxOSREDHATOS Version6.2
Product Version1.2.15 
Summary0016148: RSS feed error display on IE 8,9,10


The RSS feed is not readble on IE 8,9 and 10, if i go on "issues_rss.php", the xml code as displaying not the rss formated page.
The bug is present on your website :

Sorry for my very bad english, i'am villain frenchy !

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2013-07-05 08:04


display_RSS_in_IE8.png (90,736 bytes)   
display_RSS_in_IE8.png (90,736 bytes)   


2013-07-05 08:26

developer   ~0037405

Maybe not just related but a duplicate of 0009264
Maybe there was a problem with older versions of Firefox but version 22 works.



2013-07-05 09:04

reporter   ~0037407

i think is not the same problem because on mantis website ( ) the problem is reproductible.
And i don't have a problem with firefox and older version of IE, this problem appear only on IE 8,9 and 10.

Thank you for your help



2013-07-08 16:38

developer   ~0037428

At the moment we use RSS 2.0 [1] for the feeds.
This format is a bit outdated and we should consider using Atom [2] in future MantisBT versions.

Maybe this is a weakness in IE > 7, maybe this happens because the output that we generate is not 100% valid.
The W3C validation service [3] gives "This feed does not validate" and shows some more hints.
The example of W3C shows some validation warnings[4] but is marked as valid and renders in IE9

There is no newer version of the RSS Builder library available, we use 2.2.1 [5]

Some more investigation is needed to find out whether the problem is in library or MantisBT code.

I have no time for deeper analysis at the moment.




2013-07-14 12:48

reporter   ~0037462

I'd be interested to know what the mantis 2.0 branch does, as this no longer uses the RSS builder library:

Atrol, does this still have the issue?




2013-07-14 13:35

developer   ~0037463

I didn't succeed in installing 2.0 some weeks ago (just tried to run admin/install.php, got error, stopped trying)

I had a short look at the code of 2.0 and found that the current rss library is replaced by
Zeta Components (formerly known as Ez Components which we use also for graph plugin since master-1.2.x)

Using this framework could mean riding a dead horse as Zeta Components retired from Apache Incubator.
At the moment it's hosted at github but there is not that much activity.



2016-12-29 09:10

developer   ~0054870

The same applies to current versions of Chrome, Chromium and Safari