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Summary0027577: Should 'projection' field be allowed when reporting issues or not ?

Currently the code is somewhat inconsistent.

  • According to PHPDoc for $g_bug_report_page_fields, projection is not allowed in the list
  • bug_report_page.php does not contain any code to display it
  • yet bug_report.php contains code to add the field to the IssueAddCommand's payload.

We need to decide, whether we allow projection when reporting new issues, or if the code in bug_report.php should be removed.

Additional Information

Adding the projection field (as well as ETA) to Report Issue Page was requested in 0009153. ETA was added several years ago (see 0012199), but not projection.

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related to 0009153 acknowledged Enable adding additional issue fields to "Report Issue" page. 
related to 0012199 closedrombert Cannot add 'eta' to bug_report_page_fields 


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MantisBT: master 96c3072f

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