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0009153mantisbtfeaturepublic2020-11-22 11:53
ReporterBlue Ninja Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.2.0a1 
Summary0009153: Enable adding additional issue fields to "Report Issue" page.

I think it would be useful to allow adding other report fields to the "Report Issue" page, at least to the Advanced Report page.

As a developer, I often add issues and immediately assign them to myself. I would like to be able to set the Projection and ETA as part of the report also. Admittedly, I'm easily distracted, and generally forget all about dealing with these at all. But I'd like to make it simpler to set them (without having to report an issue, then immediately update it to change these) so I can have more complete information in my tracker.

Perhaps a config variable could be implemented which is an array of additional fields to include in the report?

Hopefully others would find this useful, too.

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2008-05-15 00:03

reporter   ~0017838

I agree this would be useful in the advanced view, as I experience the same in many cases and find myself updating issues, sometimes even after they have been closed, just to be more complete. It would save time if this can be done immediately



2008-07-14 03:44

manager   ~0018486

My worry is cluttering the report page with too many fields. I wonder what is the percentage of users who use these two fields. Anyway, I would welcome users who don't want this to include notes.

If we are to add it, then here are my thoughts:

  1. These fields are only available in the advanced view.
  2. These fields are only available to users who have access to set them.
  3. The action page supports the case where these fields are not submitted by the report page. This allows us through templates in the future to allow users to add/remove such fields and everything would work.

I wonder if the access for ETA / projection should be tied to the issue update vs. issue handle access thresholds. It seems to me that it makes sense to be associated with the latter. I personally never used these fields, so I would like to hear your feedback.

Patches are welcome.



2020-11-22 11:50

developer   ~0064677

The possibility of adding the ETA field was implemented in 1.2.9 (see 0012199).