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1.2. Cloning the Repository

The official MantisBT source code repository is hosted at GitHub. This document assumes that you have already signed up for and setup a GitHub account.

1.2.1. Determining the Clone URL

Which URL you will use to clone the repository before you start developing depends on your situation.
MantisBT Core Team Developers
MantisBT developers have push access to the official repository.
Benefiting from this access requires a special URL that uses your SSH key to handle access permissions: Alternatively, an HTTPS link can be used as well, in which case you will have to provide your GitHub User ID and password when Git requests it:


Pushes will fail if you do not have access or your public SSH key is not set up correctly in your GitHub profile.
For other people, the MantisBT repository and the related clone URLs (SSH). or (HTTPS) will always be read-only.
It is therefore strongly advised to create your own fork of MantisBT where you will be able to push your changes, and then use the fork's URL instead to clone, which will look like this: or