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Chapter 1. Contributing to MantisBT

1.1. Initial Setup
1.2. Cloning the Repository
1.2.1. Determining the Clone URL
1.2.2. Initializing the Clone
1.2.3. Adding remotes
1.2.4. Checking out branches
1.3. Maintaining Tracking Branches
1.4. Preparing Feature Branches
1.4.1. Private Branches
1.4.2. Public Branches
1.5. PHPUnit tests
1.5.1. Initial Setup
1.5.2. Running the tests
1.6. Submitting Changes
1.6.1. Before you submit
1.6.2. Submission Via Github Pull Requests
1.6.3. Submission Via Formatted Patches
1.6.4. Submission Via Public Repository
MantisBT source code is managed with Git. If you are new to this version control system, you can find some good resources for learning and installing it in Section 8.1, “Git References”.

1.1. Initial Setup

There are a few steps the MantisBT team requires of contributors and developers when accepting code submissions. The user needs to configure Git to know their full name (not a screen name) and an email address they can be contacted at (not a throwaway address).
To set up your name and email address with Git, run the following commands, substituting your own real name and email address:
git config --global "John Smith"
git config --global ""
Optionally, you may want to configure Git to use terminal colors when displaying file diffs and other information, and also alias certain Git actions to shorter phrases to reduce typing:
git config --global color.diff "auto"
git config --global color.status "auto"
git config --global color.branch "auto"

git config --global "status"
git config --global alias.di "diff"
git config --global "checkout"
git config --global "commit"