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1.6.2. Submission Via Github Pull Requests

Since the official MantisBT repository is hosted there, using GitHub is the recommended (and easiest) way to submit your contributions.
With this method, you can keep your changesets up-to-date with the official development repository, and likewise let anyone stay up to date with your repository, without needing to constantly upload and download new formatted patches whenever you change anything.
The process below describes a simple workflow that can help you make your submission if you are not familiar with Git; note that it is by no means the only way to do this.


We'll assume that you have already forked MantisBT, cloned it locally as described in Section 1.2, “Cloning the Repository” (remote upstream being the official MantisBT repository and origin your personal fork), and created a new feature branch (see Section 1.4, “Preparing Feature Branches”) for your contribution, which we'll call MyBranch.
  1. Make sure that the MyBranch feature branch is up-to-date with the master branch by rebasing it, resolving any conflicts if necessary.
    git fetch upstream
    git rebase upstream/master MyBranch
  2. Push the branch to your Github fork
    git push origin MyBranch
  3. Go to your Fork on Github (
  4. Initiate a Pull Request from your feature branch, following the guidelines provided in Github Help.
    Please make sure you provide a detailed description of the changes you are submitting, including the reason for it and if possible a reference (link) to an existing issue on our bugtracker. The team will usually review your changes and provide feedback within 7 days (but your mileage may vary).