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1.6.4. Submission Via Public Repository

If you are not able or not willing to make use of a fork of the official GitHub repository but have another publicly available one to host your changes, for example on a free hosting for public repository such as you can still use it to submit a patch in a similar fashion to the Github method described above, although the process is slightly more complicated.
We'll assume you've already set up a publicly accessible repository at URL, kept it up-to-date with MantisBT's official repository, and that you have pushed your feature branch MyBranch to it.
  1. Generate the Pull Request
    This will list information about your changes and how to access them. The process will attempt to verify that you've pushed the correct data to the public repository, and will generate a summary of changes.
    git request-pull origin/master MyBranch
  2. Paste the output of the above command into a bug report or an email to the developer mailing list
Once your pull request has been posted, developers and other users can add your public repository as a remote, and track your feature branch in their own working repository using the following commands, replacing the remote name and local branch name as appropriate:
git remote add feature
git checkout -b MyBranch feature/MyBranch
If the feature is approved for entry into MantisBT core, then the branch should first be rebased onto the latest HEAD so that Git can remove any unnecessary merge commits, and create a linear history. Once that's completed, the feature branch can be merged into master:
git rebase master feature
git checkout master
git merge --no-ff feature