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Chapter 5. Events Reference

5.1. Introduction
5.2. System Events
5.3. Output Modifier Events
5.3.1. String Display
5.3.2. Menu Items
5.3.3. Page Layout
5.4. Bug Filter Events
5.4.1. Custom Filters and Columns
5.5. Bug and Bugnote Events
5.5.1. Bug View
5.5.2. Bug Actions
5.5.3. Bugnote View
5.5.4. Bugnote Actions
5.6. Notification Events
5.6.1. Recipient Selection
5.7. User Account Events
5.7.1. Account Preferences
5.8. Management Events
5.8.1. Projects and Versions
5.8.2. Users

5.1. Introduction

In this chapter, an attempt will be made to list all events used (or planned for later use) in the MantisBT event system. Each listed event will include details for the event type, when the event is called, and the expected parameters and return values for event callbacks.
Here we show an example event definition. For each event, the event identifier will be listed along with the event types (see Section 3.3, “Event Types”) in parentheses. Below that should be a concise but thorough description of how the event is called and how to use it. Following that should be a list of event parameters (if any), as well as the expected return value (if any).


This is an example event description.


  • <Type>: Description of parameter one
  • <Type>: Description of parameter two

Return Value

  • <Type>: Description of return value