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Chapter 6. MantisBT REST API

6.1. Postman
6.2. Exporting Postman Collection
The primary means of integrating with MantisBT with web services is with the bundled REST API, which is accessible at

6.1. Postman

Postman is a tool to enable REST API development and collaboration. It is used by MantisBT team to share the API definitions and enables the community to experiment with the API. Download Postman.
Once Postman is installed, you should be able to bootstrap it with the MantisBT API collection via the MantisBT API documentation posted on Postman. Download Collection.
The MantisBT API Postman collection is also distributed with MantisBT in the `api/rest/api.postman_collection.json`. The Postman environment template is also available at `api/rest/env.postman_environment.json`.