Organizing custom fields in columns or groups

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Organizing custom fields in columns or groups

Post by amorid »

Hi all,

first of all:
I like Mantis and it's powerful functionality a lot. I used it in several projects since many years - with longer breaks. I also used Redminde, Jira, Trello, Asana and so on. Regarding the features Mantis is more straight forward and easy to set-up. Just the GUI ...

In my new company I would like to use it as well but I am a bit disappointed that there is obviously no contribution regarding the GUI since all these years. I am not talking about Bootstrap or such fancy things. I am just asking myself why there are no options to get more controle over the layout yet.

Now my question:
I am looking for a plugin that allows me to controle the appearance of the customized fields on bug/issue-details page.
At the moment you can only put one field under the other, which is a waste of space and leads to very, very long pages.

It would be great to just define the amount of columns that I want (1 to 3). All custom fields would then automatically distributed across the columns according to their rank.

This can not be that difficult and would help a lot to keep it more tidy.

Any suggestions, comments are appreciated.

Thank you.

Best, Morid
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Re: Organizing custom fields in columns or groups

Post by cas »

Although I understand the request, I do not think this can be solved by a plugin, this would really require an overhaul on the way custom-fields are defined and presented. If this were to be changed then also one should have the ability to have different groups of custom-fields, the ability to present them horizontally or vertically by columns etcetera. The good news is that Mantis is opensource so feel free to join the community and have a go at this.
Another way of handling this, since you seem to have a lot of custom-fields, could be write a plugin for them. This way you would have total control over the lay-out.
Either way, there is work to do :mrgreen:
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