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Migration, Windows > CentOS

Posted: 25 Jan 2023, 21:02
by paulb_
Hi All,

I have the unenviable task of migrating an installation of MantisBT from a horrible old Windows 10 with WAMP stack installed, to a nice new CentOS 9 machine, with the latest versions of Mantis, Apache and PHP.

Is there a guide available anywhere with an overview of this procedure?

I have read through the installation and upgrade instructions, however there seem to be some other folders, for example 'uploads' that might also need moving, and I assume there may be others as well. This doesn't seem like quite the same procedure as an upgrade.

I couldn't find much searching for "migration" etc in these forums, so any help, or a pointer to a guide would be very handy.

Current install:

MantisBT Version 2.25.2
Schema Version 211
PHP Version 7.3.21
Database Driver mysqli
Database Version, Description 5.7.31, 5.7.31