Handling-Person does not get an mail

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Handling-Person does not get an mail

Post by buschbb »

We try to adopt the rules when mails are send.
One use-case is, that only the person who is newly assigned will get an mail about this assignment.
So f.e.: I make e new ticket and assign it to Mary. So for now, Mary won't get a Mail with this. The same problem comes when I change the Assingment, no mail will be send out. And, what I found out too, the I, as the handling-person wont't ge any mail. In sum the Mail does only work for the reported person.
furthermore you should know, that my profile is working fine. When I am the reporting person, I recieve mails from Mantis.
Can you help me please.
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Re: Handling-Person does not get an mail

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Did you try /follow the steps what I wrote at https://www.mantisbt.org/bugs/view.php?id=32535#c67752 ?
Enable logging, especially LOG_EMAIL_RECIPIENT to find out which rule drops a recipient
https://www.mantisbt.org/docs/master/en ... ig.logging

To receive mails of our own actions, set $g_email_receive_own = ON;
https://www.mantisbt.org/docs/master/en ... nfig.email
Are there multiple projects?
If yes, check that there are no project specific overrides.

Did you check the email settungs of the user?
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