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-The following messages may be problematic, because they contain multiple parameters that are not necessarily translatable in all languages. A solution should be found for this problem. 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_DB_CONNECT_FAILED] = 'Database connection failed. Error received from database was #%d: %s.'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_DB_QUERY_FAILED] = 'Database query failed.  Error received from database was #%d: %s for the query: %s.'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_DB_SELECT_FAILED] = 'Database selection failed.  Error received from database was #%d: %s.'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_CATEGORY_NOT_FOUND_FOR_PROJECT] = 'Category "%s" not found for project "%s".'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_SPONSORSHIP_AMOUNT_TOO_LOW] = 'Sponsorship (%s) is below minimum amount (%s).'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_CONFIG_OPT_INVALID] = 'Configuration option "%s" has invalid value "%s".'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_PLUGIN_GENERIC] = 'There was an unknown error "%s" during execution of the "%s" plugin.'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_COLUMNS_DUPLICATE] = 'Field "%s" contains duplicate column "%s".'; 
-  * $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_COLUMNS_INVALID] = 'Field "%s" contains invalid field "%s".'; 
-  * $s_email_notification_title_for_action_monitor = 'Issue %s is now monitored by user %s.'; 
-  * $s_confirm_sponsorship = 'Please confirm you want to sponsor issue %d for %s.'; 
-  * $s_category_delete_sure_msg = 'Are you sure you want to delete this category?<br />Category "%s" contains %d bugs.'; 
-  * $s_resolved_progress = '%d of %d issue(s) resolved.  Progress (%d%%).'; 
-  * $s_twitter_resolved = '%d: [%s] %s (resolved by %s in %s)'; 
-  * $s_twitter_resolved_no_version = '%d: [%s] %s (resolved by %s)'; 
-**Bold Text** 
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