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Line 16: Line 16:
   * $s_twitter_resolved = '%d: [%s] %s (resolved by %s in %s)';   * $s_twitter_resolved = '%d: [%s] %s (resolved by %s in %s)';
   * $s_twitter_resolved_no_version = '%d: [%s] %s (resolved by %s)';   * $s_twitter_resolved_no_version = '%d: [%s] %s (resolved by %s)';
 +All of these messages are rendered through sprintf(). It has a facility to change the parameter order (see For example:
 +  $MANTIS_ERROR[ERROR_SPONSORSHIP_AMOUNT_TOO_LOW] = 'Sponsorship amount (%2$s) is below minimum for (%1$s) .';
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