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0026990mantisbtfilterspublic2021-02-25 02:52
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Summary0026990: Changing to a project should reset the projects default filter

This is one of the most annoying problems. I have with working with mantis with many projects.

What I done:

  • view_all_bug_page
  • Change project

What I expect:

  • Clean filter

What I see:

  • Mantis restores the filter I last used in that project. This could be a slow, complicated search. In a bad (but not untypical case) I have to wait 20 seconds until the page is visible and I can reset the filter.

By the way: I have searched if this is a dublicate, but without a more powerful search (like 0026447 :-)), I was overwhelmed.

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has duplicate 0027980 closedatrol Do not save filter parameter 
related to 0027129 closeddregad Preserving filters does not work correctly on sub-sub-projects 




2020-05-29 03:50

developer   ~0064036

Mantis restores the filter I last used in that project

This is by design actually.

I understand your point, but in many use cases, returning to the previously used filter is the expected behavior. So I'm not convinced we should change this; at best this could be made configurable behavior.

Also, what exactly do you mean by "clean filter" be ? Equivalent of clicking the reset filter button ?



2020-05-29 08:40

reporter   ~0064044

@dregad, Thanks for commenting.

Yes, the equivalent of "reset filter".
A configuration would be already great for me. Do you know, where to change the behaviour?

In addition: Is there a way to get a feeling for what would be the better default funktionality? Do you have feedback from user users?

What would be a reasonable expectation? When I change a project, is it more likely that I
a) continue a work that I have previously done in that project or
b) is it more likely that I have a new topic why I go there.

From my feeling and working with mantis, everytime I go there, I would like to have a fresh context. In particular, if I chage a project.
If I want to persist the current context, I would you PermaLinks or Saved filters.

What's your experience? Or what would be an approach to find out?

From other software projects I know: It's easy to add options and leave the default behaviour as it is. But this renders into a nightmare of options, in particular some where the impact on the usability is not obivous. At least I hope that in this case the option has to be considered only on one place.



2020-08-04 16:51

reporter   ~0064237

Last edited: 2020-08-05 04:56

Testing the feature again, that there is a bug with sub-sub projects, that makesbehaviour is inconsistant (on sub-sub projects, filters are set to their parent, but on "All Projects" and sub-projects they are preserved), and probably this is the reason why I find the behaviour particularly annoying.

update: First I thought it was a bug in my local installation, but even when resetting it to the upstream sourcecode version, the behaviour stays the same. I will file a separate bug for this -> 0027129.



2021-02-25 02:52

reporter   ~0065153

I agree on this. Automatic come-back of filter per project is somewhat annoying.
My users often want to sift through issues on several projects with same filters. That is not possible with the current behaviour.
Only re-applying saved filters does the trick which is annoying too.
Another hindrance is that filters saved does not take custom fields with them.

In my opinion, to have a configuration option to auto-save last filters per project or instance-wide or not at all would be great.
That way every form of working method could be reflected in the system. However the setting should NOT be per user.
Going through issues in a meeting should work like everyone is accustomed to. No "but I like it that way".
I would expect that saved filters could be used in that scenario.