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Graph from Filter Requirements

Author: Glenn Henshaw (thraxisp)


see also Performance Counters Requirements

Mantis has a fixed set of project summary graphs showing the current distribution of issues. There is one historical graph, showing the number of open/closed issues over all time.

This feature will add the ability to graph a set of issues based on a filter. The graph can then be time limited to well known intervals (this month, this quarter, etc) or a date range.

Three options for the graph data are be presented.

  • by status, showing all possible status values over the interval.
  • by status, reducing the status values to open, resolved and closed
  • by category

Database Changes

none required.

Configuration Changes

The feature will be dependent on the availability of the jp_graph package, as noted by the $use_jpgraph setting.

  • Add a configuration option for the default graph option to show.
  • Add a configuration option for a list of colours to use on the graphs.

General Changes

  • A link was added to the filter page to link to the new graph page. The current filter value is passed using the existing cookie mechanism.
  • The graph page will contain both the selection criteria, and the graph itself. When no valid criteria are selected, the graph is not shown. DTHML was used to show / hide the date range selector when necessary. The js_calendar package will be used as a date picker.
  • Separate files will be used for each graph type. The basic algorithm is as follows:
    • expand the filter to capture all status values. This will capture closed bugs matching the filter.
    • search using the filter to capture all relevant bugs, and current status
    • retrieve all of the history for these bugs, back to the start date for the graph
    • walk backwards through the history. If the change date for the issue is after the end date, update the initial status counters. If it is before, update a current set of counters. At the same time, a history set is built by saving the counters at specific intervals.



Integration Features


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